How to rerun a part of the experimentΒΆ

This procedure allows you to create automatically a new pickle with a list of jobs of the experiment to rerun.

Using the expdef_<expid>.conf the create command will generate the rerun if the variable RERUN is set to TRUE and a CHUNKLIST is provided.

autosubmit create cxxx

It will read the list of chunks specified in the CHUNKLIST and will generate a new plot.


The results are saved in the new pkl rerun_job_list.pkl.


vi <experiments_directory>/cxxx/conf/expdef_cxxx.conf

# Is a rerun or not? [Default: Do set FALSE]. BOOLEAN = TRUE, FALSE
# If RERUN = TRUE then supply the list of chunks to rerun
# LIST = "[ 19601101 [ fc0 [1 2 3 4] fc1 [1] ] 19651101 [ fc0 [16-30] ] ]"
CHUNKLIST = [ 19601101 [ fc1 [1] ]


Then you are able to start again Autosubmit for the rerun of cxxx 19601101, chunk 1, member 1:

nohup autosubmit run cxxx &