How to run the experiment

Launch Autosubmit with the command:

autosubmit run EXPID

EXPID is the experiment identifier.


usage: autosubmit run [-h] expid

  expid       experiment identifier
  -nt                   --notransitive
                            prevents doing the transitive reduction when plotting the workflow
  -v                    --update_version
                            update the experiment version to match the actual autosubmit version
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


autosubmit run cxxx


If the autosubmit version is set on autosubmit.conf it must match the actual autosubmit version


It is recommended to launch it in background and with nohup (continue running although the user who launched the process logs out).


nohup autosubmit run cxxx &


Before launching Autosubmit check password-less ssh is feasible (HPCName is the hostname):

ssh HPCName

More info on password-less ssh can be found at:


After launching Autosubmit, one must be aware of login expiry limit and policy (if applicable for any HPC) and renew the login access accordingly (by using token/key etc) before expiry.

How to run an experiment that was created with another version


First of all you have to stop your Autosubmit instance related with the experiment

Once you’ve already loaded / installed the Autosubmit version do you want:

autosubmit create EXPID
autosubmit recovery EXPID -s -all
autosubmit run EXPID -v
autosubmit updateversion EXPID
autosubmit run EXPID -v

EXPID is the experiment identifier. The most common problem when you change your Autosubmit version is the apparition of several Python errors. This is due to how Autosubmit saves internally the data, which can be incompatible between versions. The steps above represent the process to re-create (1) these internal data structures and to recover (2) the previous status of your experiment.