How to change the job status stopping autosubmit

This procedure allows you to modify the status of your jobs.


Beware that Autosubmit must be stopped to use setstatus. Otherwise a running instance of Autosubmit, at some point, will overwritte any change you may have done.

You must execute:

autosubmit setstatus EXPID -fs STATUS_ORIGINAL -t STATUS_FINAL -s

EXPID is the experiment identifier. STATUS_ORIGINAL is the original status to filter by the list of jobs. STATUS_FINAL the desired target status.


usage: autosubmit setstatus [-h] [-np] [-s] [-t] [-o {pdf,png,ps,svg}] [-fl] [-fc] [-fs] [-ft] [-group_by {date,member,chunk,split} -expand -expand_status] [-cw] expid

  expid                 experiment identifier

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o {pdf,png,ps,svg}, --output {pdf,png,ps,svg}
                        type of output for generated plot
  -np, --noplot         omit plot
  -s, --save            Save changes to disk
  -t, --status_final    Target status
  -fl FILTER_LIST, --list
                        List of job names to be changed
  -fc FILTER_CHUNK, --filter_chunk
                        List of chunks to be changed
  -fs FILTER_STATUS, --filter_status
                        List of status to be changed
  -ft FILTER_TYPE, --filter_type
                        List of types to be changed
  -ftc FILTER_TYPE_CHUNK --filter_type_chunk
                        Accepts a string with the formula: "[ 19601101 [ fc0 [1 2 3 4] Any [1] ] 19651101 [ fc0 [16 30] ] ],SIM,SIM2"
                        Where SIM, SIM2 are section (or job type) names that also accept the keyword "Any" so the changes apply to all sections.
                        Starting Date (19601101) does not accept the keyword "Any".
                        Member names (fc0) accept the keyword "Any", so the chunks ([1 2 3 4]) given will be updated in all members.
                        Chunks must be in the format "[1 2 3 4 n]" where "n" is an integer representing the number of the chunk in the member,
                        no range format is allowed.
  -d                    When using the option -ftc and sending this flag, a tree view of the experiment with markers indicating which jobs
                        have been changed will be generated.
  --hide,               hide the plot
  -group_by {date,member,chunk,split,automatic}
                        criteria to use for grouping jobs
  -expand,              list of dates/members/chunks to expand
  -expand_status,       status(es) to expand
  -nt                   --notransitive
                            prevents doing the transitive reduction when plotting the workflow
  -cw                   --check_wrapper
                            Generate the wrapper in the current workflow


autosubmit setstatus cxxx -fl "cxxx_20101101_fc3_21_sim cxxx_20111101_fc4_26_sim" -t READY -s
autosubmit setstatus cxxx -fc "[ 19601101 [ fc1 [1] ] ]" -t READY -s
autosubmit setstatus cxxx -fs FAILED -t READY -s
autosubmit setstatus cxxx -ft TRANSFER -t SUSPENDED -s

This script has two mandatory arguments.

The -t where you must specify the target status of the jobs you want to change to:


The second argument has four alternatives, the -fl, -fc, -fs and -ft; with those we can apply a filter for the jobs we want to change:

  • The -fl variable recieves a list of jobnames separated by blank spaces: e.g.:
    "cxxx_20101101_fc3_21_sim cxxx_20111101_fc4_26_sim"

If we supply the key word “Any”, all jobs will be changed to the target status.

  • The variable -fc should be a list of individual chunks or ranges of chunks in the following format:
    [ 19601101 [ fc0 [1 2 3 4] fc1 [1] ] 19651101 [ fc0 [16-30] ] ]
  • The variable -fs can be the following status for job:
  • The variable -ft can be one of the defined types of job.


When we are satisfied with the results we can use the parameter -s, which will save the change to the pkl file.

In order to understand more the grouping options, which are used for visualization purposes, please check Grouping jobs.

How to change the job status without stopping autosubmit

This procedure allows you to modify the status of your jobs without having to stop Autosubmit.

You must create a file in <experiments_directory>/<expid>/pkl/ named:



This file should have two columns: the first one has to be the job_name and the second one the status.




vi updated_list_cxxx.txt
cxxx_20101101_fc3_21_sim    READY
cxxx_20111101_fc4_26_sim    READY

If Autosubmit finds the above file, it will process it. You can check that the processing was OK at a given date and time, if you see that the file name has changed to:



A running instance of Autosubmit will check the existance of avobe file after checking already submitted jobs. It may take some time, depending on the setting SAFETYSLEEPTIME.


Keep in mind that autosubmit reads the file automatically so it is suggested to create the file in another location like /tmp or /var/tmp and then copy/move it to the pkl folder. Alternativelly you can create the file with a different name an rename it when you have finished.