How to monitor job statistics

The following command could be adopted to generate the plots for visualizing the jobs statistics of the experiment at any instance:

autosubmit stats EXPID

EXPID is the experiment identifier.


usage: autosubmit stats [-h] [-ft] [-fp] [-o {pdf,png,ps,svg}] expid

  expid                 experiment identifier

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -ft FILTER_TYPE, --filter_type FILTER_TYPE
                        Select the job type to filter the list of jobs
  -fp FILTER_PERIOD, --filter_period FILTER_PERIOD
                        Select the period of time to filter the jobs
                        from current time to the past in number of hours back
  -o {pdf,png,ps,svg}, --output {pdf,png,ps,svg}
                        type of output for generated plot
  --hide,               hide the plot
  -nt                   --notransitive
                            prevents doing the transitive reduction when plotting the workflow


autosubmit stats cxxx

The location where user can find the generated plots with date and timestamp can be found below:


How to add your particular statistics

Although Autosubmit saves several statistics about your experiment, as the queueing time for each job, how many failures per job, etc. The user also might be interested in adding his particular statistics to the Autosubmit stats report (`autosubmit stats EXPID`). The allowed format for this feature is the same as the Autosubmit configuration files: INI style. For example:


The location where user can put this stats is in the file:



If it is not yet created, you can manually create the file: `expid_GENERAL_STATS` inside the `tmp` folder.