How to test the experimentΒΆ

This method is to conduct a test for a given experiment. It creates a new experiment for a given experiment with a given number of chunks with a random start date and a random member to be run on a random HPC.

To test the experiment, use the command:

autosubmit test CHUNKS EXPID

EXPID is the experiment identifier. CHUNKS is the number of chunks to run in the test.


usage: autosubmit test [-h] -c CHUNKS [-m MEMBER] [-s STARDATE] [-H HPC] [-b BRANCH] expid

    expid                 experiment identifier

     -h, --help            show this help message and exit
     -c CHUNKS, --chunks CHUNKS
                           chunks to run
     -m MEMBER, --member MEMBER
                           member to run
     -s STARDATE, --stardate STARDATE
                           stardate to run
     -H HPC, --HPC HPC     HPC to run experiment on it
     -b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH
                           branch from git to run (or revision from subversion)


autosubmit test -c 1 -s 19801101 -m fc0 -H ithaca -b develop cxxx