User Guide

Command list

  • expid Create a new experiment

  • create Create specified experiment workflow

  • check Check configuration for specified experiment

  • describe Show details for specified experiments

  • run Run specified experiment

  • inspect Generate cmd files

  • test Test experiment

  • testcase Test case experiment

  • monitor Plot specified experiment

  • stats Plot statistics for specified experiment

  • setstatus Sets job status for an experiment

  • recovery Recover specified experiment

  • clean Clean specified experiment

  • refresh Refresh project directory for an experiment

  • delete Delete specified experiment

  • configure Configure database and path for autosubmit

  • install Install database for Autosubmit on the configured folder

  • archive Clean, compress and remove from the experiments’ folder a finalized experiment

  • unarchive Restores an archived experiment

  • migrate_exp Migrates an experiment from one user to another

  • report extract experiment parameters

  • updateversion Updates the Autosubmit version of your experiment with the current version of the module you are using

  • dbfix Fixes the database malformed error in the historical database of your experiment

  • pklfix Fixed the blank pkl error of your experiment

  • updatedescrip Updates the description of your experiment (See: How to update the description of your experiment)

Tutorials (How to)

TODO add workflow_validation.