How to change the job status stopping autosubmit

Review How to change the job status stopping autosubmit.

How to change the job status without stopping autosubmit

Review How to change the job status without stopping autosubmit.

My project parameters are not being substituted in the templates

Explanation: If there is a duplicated section or option in any other side of autosubmit, including proj files It won’t be able to recognize which option pertains to what section in which file.

Solution: Don’t repeat section names and parameters names until Autosubmit 4.0 release.

Unable to recover remote logs files.

Explanation: If there are limitations on the remote platform regarding multiple connections, Solution: You can try DISABLE_RECOVERY_THREADS = TRUE under the [platform_name] section in the platform.conf.

Error on create caused by a configuration parsing error

When running create you can come across an error similar to:

[ERROR] Trace: '%' must be followed by '%' or '(', found: u'%HPCROOTDIR%/remoteconfig/'

The important part of this error is the message '%' must be followed by '%'. It indicated that the source of the error is the configparser library. This library is included in the python common libraries, so you shouldn’t have any other version of it installed in your environment. Execute pip list, if you see configparser in the list, then run pip uninstall configparser. Then, try to create your experiment again.

Other possible errors

I see the `database malformed` error on my experiment log.

Explanation: The latest version of autosubmit uses a database to efficiently track changes in the jobs of your experiment. It might happen that this small database gets corrupted.

Solution: run autosubmit dbfix expid where expid is the identifier of your experiment. This function will rebuild the database saving as much information as possible (usually all of it).

The pkl file of my experiment is empty but there is a job_list_%expid%_backup.pkl file that seems to be the real one.

Solution: run autosubmit pklfix expid, it will restore the backup file if possible.